Educator-turned-author Ruth Fawcett wanted to give her readers: first, an enthralling story; second, an inside look at the social/political dynamic in schools, in other words, the human side of school life.

While still dedicated to child development, Ruth focuses now on infants, in particular, their conception. The growing acceptance of unnatural, medically engineered pregnancies concerns her deeply. The impact on the greater good will devastate successive generations, perhaps in the not-too-distant future.

New – DIVINE CIRCUMVENTION – Playing God in the Begetting of Babies

Ruth’s new novel is a story of two childless couples who take different paths to parenthood. A third couple seeks a bone-marrow donor for their toddler, seriously ill with a metabolic disease. 

The cavalier world of egg and sperm “donation,” surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, paternity testing—even adoption and the many types of foster parenting are addressed. A compelling, timely, and realistic story, it begs the question: “To what extent should fertility specialists intervene to bring about pregnancy?”

The writing of a docu-novel requires extensive research—which the author conducted—in the application of these procedures. She has also referenced articles from popular press reporting actual cases in today’s culture.

Dr. Fawcett is available for book talks and signings on Divine Circumvention – Playing God in the Begetting of Babies or on any book in the Poore Pond School Trilogy.

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