Authors Biography

Ruth lived and studied in northern England, earning a Ph.D. for a comparative study on the work of British head teachers and their American counterparts: school principals. As adjunct professor, Dr. Fawcett also taught university-level education classes in this country. “I have had a love affair with words and the mechanics of writing my entire life,” she says.” Ruth wrote poetry and stories in her young years. As an educator, she wrote professional papers, including articles on economics education and teacher guides for instructional films. “As district Media- Center Director, I was delighted by the opportunity to produce a publicity tape for the school district, serving as scriptwriter and videographer,” Ruth disclosed. “I welcomed the assignment as a chance to use my love of words in new ways.”

Dr. Fawcett left her place in education to live her dream of writing fiction. She wrote her first novel, about her favorite place to be—a school. Though planning to write a single story of a fictional school, she was too attached to the characters to let them go. “Ultimately I created one sequel, then another before I could bear to leave those beloved characters. That is how the Poore Pond School Trilogy was born and how I managed to happily remain in a school environment long after retiring from education.” 

Ruth Harwell Fawcett proudly presents her new docu-novel with social commentary:  Divine Circumvention – Playing God in the Begetting of Babies.

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