DIVINE CIRCUMVENTION – Playing God in the Begetting of Babies

This is a story for today. It is a novel—realistic fiction with all the elements that lovers of literary fiction expect. It is also social commentary.
The main characters are three ordinary couples who participated in an infertility class several years before. They had lost touch but reunite when one of the wives contacts another wife, seeking information on sperm donors.
Each couple’s circumstances are different though alike in that they all strive to either become parents or to keep alive and well an only child, just diagnosed with a serious genetic disease.
The two childless couples, one completely infertile, the other striving to improve the viability of the husband’s sperm while conscious of the wife’s biological clock’s ticking away, are poised to take charge. The infertile couple have engaged a surrogate and have covered all the elements that that entails.
The parents of the ill child seek a bone-marrow match and in the process, uncover shocking family secrets.
Readers shadow these couples throughout their home, work, and social lives and go with each of them on their heart’s journey.
Many readers have little or no prior understanding of the state of engineered reproduction today; some have commented on the insight they gained from this work of fiction. 

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