Honor In The Heart

Honor in the Heart – the first book in the series. It gives readers an inside look at the social/political dynamic in a typical school today.
Readers accompany Hope Fleming on her first day as new principal of the school and stay for her entire first year. They meet many teachers, students, parents, staff and go behind closed doors to meetings, conferences, and confrontations.

Readers see clearly, the responsibility for the children’s welfare, felt by every individual who works in the school.

So-alive characters are seen in both their school and private lives. In this way, readers discover how life wounds have shaped the values and behavior of individual characters. We
all have been wounded—in one way
or another—by life, and those
wounds have left their marks.

Excerpt from Chapter 16, of a meeting between Hope and parent Mrs. Egan: ……

“I hope you weren’t waiting long, Mrs. Egan.” She smiled warmly as she took the chair opposite and, leaning across the table, looked into the woman’s troubled eyes. “How is school going for Francis?”
“That’s why I’m here.” Ashen faced and unsmiling, she looked at Hope. “I have a problem with Mr. Myers, the way he runs his gym class.” She gazed out the window, swallowing discreetly.
“Would you like a drink of water?” Hope asked…..
“Thank you,” she said, her voice still tense. She looked directly at Hope. “As I was saying, Mr. Myers is doing some questionable things in gym class. Francis tells me he is required to run backwards into the wall.” Her voice rose with indignation. “Now that’s dangerous.”
Hope looked tenderly into Mrs. Egan’s troubled eyes. “Have you spoken to Mr. Myers about this, Mrs. Egan?”
“No. No, I haven’t. I was so upset I came straight to you.” She fluttered her hand. “I know you like parents to go first to the teacher; but I was too upset, didn’t want to say things I’d regret. You know, and have him take it out on Francis.”
Hope cringed inside……..

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