Honor Me Honor You


The Poore Pond crowd is back, still testing Hope, but appreciating her now and counting on her to help them over life’s hurdles, which she does.

Honor Me Honor You is a sequel to the first book. It continues the characters and adds exciting new ones, including a colorful cast of staff members and residents at the homeless shelter Hope helps George form, finally living his dream.

Readers are drawn more deeply into characters’ private lives. Hope is further plagued by her past. The theme is still the Big R: Relationships.

In a new school year, Hope deals with outside forces that threaten students and families; such as, autism, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and an Internet predator. Poore Pond staff members join forces and give their all to educating and protecting the children.

Excerpt from Chapter 4, of Emmylou’s attempt to deceive secretary and principal:

“Dr. Fleming, Emmylou has a request. A going-home change. But she has no note from a parent.” [Said Corinne, school secretary].
“Have you phoned Mrs. Parks?”
“Not yet.” Corinne narrowed her eyes and looked cautiously at the girl. “Emmylou tells me their home phone number has been changed to unlisted, and she is not allowed to give it out.” She looked at Hope, her face signaling suspicion.
“What about her parents’ work numbers? Have you tried those?” Hope turned to smile at Emmylou, who did not smile back.
“Well, according to Miss Emmylou, her father is in Chicago on business; and her mother does not work on Thursdays.”
“What is the change, Emmylou?” Hope asked kindly.
“Oh, just that someone else is picking me up today.” The child did not look at her principal.
“And who is that, Emmylou?” Hope moved closer to the girl…
“My uncle, my Uncle Kurt. He’s picking me up since Dad is out of town and Mom’s working late. He’s—taking me to soccer practice. So I don’t have to miss it. That’s all. Not early release or anything. Just at regular dismissal.” Her eyes riveted to the floor, her tense body belied the casualness in her voice.
Hope stared at the girl. I thought she just told Corinne her mother does not work on Thursdays.
The silence was deafening.
“I’ll just go out when my bus is called and meet him—meet Uncle Kurt—In the parking lot.” She looked toward the door. …

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